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medical drug gases

SCI takes pride in having the fastest lead time in the industry

SCI delivers medical drug gases in low and high pressure cylinders

SCI Analytical provides a variety of medical drug gases that are used for many inhalation therapies.  This involves administering drugs in a gaseous form.  The therapy gases that we provide are used frequently by hospitals, healthcare clinics, physician offices, and dental offices.  Some examples of pure medical gases provided include: air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, helium, and carbon dioxide.  In addition to pure gases, SCI Analytical also provides medical drug gas mixtures.

Medical Drug Gas Mixtures

Medical Drug Gases

Air U.S.P.O2 19.5%-23.5%, H20 <50ppm
Carbon Dioxide U.S.P.99.0%
Helium U.S.P99.9%
Nitrogen N.F.99.0%
Nitrogen N.F. High Purity 99.998%
Nitrous Oxide U.S.P.99.0%
Oxygen U.S.P.99.0%
Xenon Medical99.995%

Medical Gases and Mixtures / Chemical Composition

Carbon Dioxide U.S.P, Air U.S.P.
Carbon Dioxide U.S.P, Oxygen U.S.P.
Helium U.S.P, Oxygen U.S.P.
Oxygen U.S.P., Nitrogen N.F. (Other Than Air)
Carbon Dioxide U.S.P, Oxygen U.S.P., Nitrogen N.F.
Helium U.S.P, Oxygen U.S.P., Nitrogen N.F.

* Custom mixtures available upon request