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plasma etching gas mixtures

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Plasma etching gas mixtures are a combination of Oxygen and Halocarbon-14

Plasma etching is used to fabricate integrated circuits.  The process begins with a high-speed stream of plasma or glow discharge of a gas mixture which is shot in pulses at a sample.  This generates volatile etch products from the reaction of the sample and the products generated by the plasma.  These atoms from the shot element will embed themselves at or just below the surface of the sample, causing etching.  Plasma etching mixtures include a combination of oxygen and halocarbon-14.  SCI Analytics offers 3 different plasma etching gas mixtures: 4% Oxygen in Halocarbon-14, 8% Oxygen in Halocarbon-14, and 17.5% Oxygen in Halocarbon-14.

Etching Gas Mixtures / Chemical Composition

4% Oxygen in Halocarbon-14
8% Oxygen in Halocarbon-14
17.5% Oxygen in Halocarbon-14

* Custom mixtures available upon request.