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SCI’s specialty gas mixtures for laboratories ensures optimum performance of your laboratory equipment

SCI Analytical is a leading manufacturer of custom specialty gases for laboratory uses. Our custom specialty gas standards are available in concentrations ranging from PPM to percent concentrations and are used in a wide variety of laboratory applications. For research and development laboratories, having a highly accurate custom specialty gas is critical to their processes. SCI Analytical works with our laboratory partners to ensure that their unique needs and specifilaboratory-specialty-gascations are met and we are constantly innovating our blending and testing procedures to provide the most accurate custom specialty gases available. Our focus is providing custom specialty gas standards that are precise to your unique needs every time.

In laboratories, gas specifications and their applications are critical for accurate results. It is equally important that you select the appropriate gas delivery system for your needs and that it is properly assembled. This will maintain the integrity of your custom gas standards and will maintain the level of efficiency of your laboratory operations. In the case of high purity gases, the selection and assembly of the gas delivery system is crucial. Contamination can occur from gas permeable or incompatible materials, exposure to air and impurities such as moisture or dust while changing or connecting cylinders, or from faulty seals. Our lab technicians have extensive experience in monitoring and regulating delivery of both pure gases and mixtures and bring that knowledge to our laboratory customers enabling them to understand the unique needs of custom specialty gas delivery systems in laboratory settings.

gas-mixtures-laboratorySCI Analytical delivers and produces custom specialty gas and pure gases. These are available in both refillable and disposable cylinders. In addition to providing both pure gases and custom specialty gas mixtures, we also offer a complete line of gas delivery systems. Our team of laboratory professionals have years of experience in manufacturing and analyzing custom specialty gases. We strive to provide the most accurate and precise custom specialty gas standards and the highest quality gas delivery systems.

Laboratory customers depend on quality materials being delivered in a consistent and timely fashion. SCI Analytical understands the unique needs of each of our laboratory partners. Our laboratory professionals ensure that the products you receive, be it pure gas mixtures or custom specialty gas mixtures are precise and accurate every time. In addition, a huge emphasis is placed on timely delivery and customer service. Our laboratory partners have assurance that SCI Analytical will deliver quality, precise products, in a consistent and timely fashion. Call for a quote today.