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stack emissions specialty gas

SCI takes pride in having the fastest lead time in the industry

Stack emission gas mixtures delivered in both portable and fixed monitoring systems.

Industrial and power generation facilities are required to monitor for an increasing number of compounds at lower levels. HiQ environmental calibration gas mixtures and instrument gases are used to zero and calibrate a variety of Gas Chromatography detectors such as FID, PID an ECD along with gas specific sensors for low levels of acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions. These calibration gas mixtures can be used for continuous emission monitoring at smoke-stack where the emission take place or for ambient air monitoring in locations remote from the emissions.

To measure contaminants such as Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen Sulphide Carbon Monoxide, and Sulphur Dioxide, SCI Analytical offers calibration mixtures that provide flat line stability during the use of the mixtures. ISO Accredited calibration standards are also used to ensure accuracy and traceability with Emission Trading Scheme verification and traceable reports. To reduce the emissions of contaminants such as nitric oxide, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and selective non catalytic reduction (SNCR)technologies can be used.

Supplying these calibration gas mixtures requires highly durable, high purity HiQ specialty equipment installations.