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sterilant gas mixtures

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Sterilant gas mixtures for sterilization for surgical surgical equipment and medical devices

Sterilant gases are frequently used in a healthcare setting.  They are used for sterilization of surgical materials, medical devices, and other heat sensitive equipment that requires sterilization, but cannot withstand traditional heat or steam methods.  SCI Analytical supplies ethylene oxide based sterilantgas mixtures.  The chemical formula for this organic compound is C2H4O.  It is considered a cyclic ether, comprised of 2 alkyl groups attached to an oxygen atom in a cyclic formation. Ethylene oxide used in sterilant gases is a colorless, flammable gas, and has a faint sweet odor.  It is a poison to humans with mutagenic, carcinogenic, narcotic, and irritating effects.  The main uses of ethylene oxide are for the production of chemicals such as ethylene glycol and as a gaseous disinfectant.  Many of the tools and equipment used in hospitals and labs that require sterilization are heat sensitive, so using a sterilant gas method is necessary to prevent damage.  Because of the extreme flammability of ethylene oxide, it is shipped and handled as a refrigerated liquid.


Sterilant Gas Mixtures / Chemical Composition

OXYFUME 2000: 8.6% Ethylene Oxide, 91.4% Halocarbon 124
OXYFUME 2002: 10% Ethylene Oxide, 63% Halocarbon 124, 27% Halocarbon 22

* Custom mixtures available upon request