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Semiconductor gas mixtures

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Electronic gases with a full range of specialty gas mixtures.

Electronic gases are used for microelectric manufacturing or for semiconductor processing applications like thin film deposition- including physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition, etching, packaging, RTP, or soldering. Electronic gases can either be pure gases or gas mixtures. The electronic gas mixtures can be proportioned for very specific uses such as wafer fabrication, crystal growth, thermal diffusion, oxidation, and ion implantation. For example, a pure halocarbon gas can be combined with oxygen to etch silicon dioxide or polysilicon, or can be combined with an additional halocarbon to clean chambers and wafers. Some examples of electronic gases include ammonia, arsine, boron trichloride, chlorine, the halocarbons, and silane.  Electronic gases can also come in both liquid and gaseous forms and are sometimes used in measurement and process control applications. SCI Analytical has a complete line of electronic gases in both pure form and in specific mixtures.