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confined space gas mixtures

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Confined space gases to measure for oxygen deficiency explosive limit detection and specific compound measurement

Monitoring the atmosphere in a confined space, requires testing, reviewing, and managing several important issues. A major issue is air quality. Monitoring what you are breathing prior to entry of the confined space and during occupation is essential. Measuring the oxygen content of the atmosphere and determining if there are explosive or toxic gases that could threaten the safety of the environment is critical. Gas detection monitors are used to measure these levels and must be used properly and maintained well in order to ensure accurate reporting.

Monitoring the atmosphere of a confined space is not only necessary to protect those entering the space and to prevent disasters such as explosions, but it is also an OSHA requirement.

OSHA defines a confined space as a space that has limited means for access or egress, has adequate size and configuration for employee entry, and is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.