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medical laser gas mixtures

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Medical laser gases and laser gas mixtures for medical and surgical procedures

Lasers are becoming more and more prevalent in the surgical community because they are a less intrusive and more precise option for patients and surgeons. Medical Laser Gas Mixtures are produced for carbon dioxide lasers. These lasers are not only more precise and less intrusive, they also provide an efficient method of performing surgeries that are highly sterile or have expectations of significant blood loss. The CO2 laser produce intensive infrared radiation, this can be focused to vaporize tissue smaller than a millimeter. This is done by exciting the molecules in the Medical Laser Gas Mixture, a combination of carbon dioxide, helium, and nitrogen, in a discharge tube which then converts the electrical energy into optical energy. The laser beam is then transferred optically to either a hand piece or a microscope. Nitrogen gas is used to cool the laser equipment and to remove debris from surgery. SCI Analytical provides a complete line of Medical Laser Gas Mixtures to suit all the major brands of surgical lasers.

Medical Laser Gas Mixtures / Chemical Composition

4.5% Carbon Dioxide, 13.5% Nitrogen, 82% Helium
6% Carbon Dioxide, 14% Nitrogen, 80% Helium
7% Carbon Dioxide, 14% Nitrogen, 79% Helium
9% Carbon Dioxide, 15% Nitrogen, 76% Helium
9.4% Carbon Dioxide, 19.2% Nitrogen, 71.8% Helium

* Custom mixtures available upon request