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energy industry

SCI’s specialty gases provides the energy industry with the custom gas standards required to calibrate analytical systems

Emission monitoring is required in fields such as environmental protection, fossil fuel power generation, and combustion efficiency monitoring. Depending on the local environmental regulations or the application, analytical certainty has a greater significance. Gases like CO2, NOx, CO, and SO2 are continuously monitored along with gas flow, O2, and temperature. When incinerating a combination of alternative fuels, HCl, HF, Hg, and VOC may also be required to be monitored. In order to have an effective calibration system, you will need to use both traceable certified specialty gas standards and reference gas standards, for example, EPA Protocol specialty gas calibration standards. The traceable certified specialty gas standards are used as a daily monitor and the EPA Protocol standards are used in regulatory monitoring and compliance testing and reporting.

We work to provide companies in the energy industry with custom specialty gas standards that are required to calibrate systems which provides continuous monitoring of power plant processes in a wide array of industrial applications. Using SCI Analytical’s custom specialty gas standard, concentrations of gas components are able to be monitored at different points in the process, easily identifying the concentrations and allowing for optimization.

calibration gas mixtures for energy fiield

Both national and international quality standards are constantly evolving. Due to this, companies require a vast number of mandated monitoring and measuring protocols, specific calibrations, and standards. Our specific standards are highly sensitive and ensure that your custom calibration gases are to you exact specifications. SCI Analytical works with your business to ensure the certainty and accuracy of each gas component for efficiency and consistency each time.

SCI Analytical provides a vast array of customized specialty gas standards to assist your business with calibration. Each of our custom specialty gas standards is produced with a thorough set of specifications and is an excellent calibration standard. Our partners rely on SCI Analytical for our stringent manufacturing standards and innovative analytical techniques, ensuring the best custom gas standards on the market. We are constantly innovating our processes and techniques to ensure our partners have the highest quality products available.