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Solvent & Voc monitoring gas mixtures

SCI takes pride in having the fastest lead time in the industry

SCI provides multi-component gas mixtures to quickly identify and measure VOC’s in ambient air.

Solvents with low vapor pressures are used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Their low vapor pressure allows them to evaporate quickly into the environment. Environmental awareness is ever increasing and  VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions control is high on the global agenda. Reducing VOC emissions for environmental benefits and recovering valuable solvents for economic benefits requires the emission levels of VOCs to be carefully monitored and measured. VOCs are some of the most difficult environmental pollutants to identify and measure. gas-chromatograph

VOC measurements require dedicated analytical instruments such as GC-MS (Gas Chromatography – Mass spectrometry). HiQ high purity gases and gas mixtures are essential in the operation and calibration of these instruments. High purity helium, nitrogen and hydrogen can be used as carrier gases in GC-MS, and a range of high accuracy gas mixtures can be used in instrumentation calibration. SCI Analytical offers certificated gas mixtures with components down to ppm (parts per million) level.  We offer calibration gas mixtures that are engineered, produced and certified to meet the most stringent environmental measurement EPA protocols. We also provide custom VOC mixtures to meet the specific requirements of our partners.

The reliability of analytical data is dependent upon the quality of the gas being used and the ability to supply high quality specialty gases requires the highest quality HiQ specialty equipment and gas distribution systems.