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electronics industry

Today’s increasing high-tech industrial processes demand specialty gases with higher and higher levels of purity and more precise accuracies

SCI Analytical provides top quality  specialty gases for electronics materials that help your company produce a better product.  We serve markets like solar, LED, flat panel display, and semiconductors- delivering materials your company needs to connect the world.  We provide the materials you need from pure industrial gases to liquid precursors, and high quality sputtering targets.  We work with your business to discuss your options for differentiation and make those happen.  Our successes are measured by the accomplishments we are able to help your business achieve.

Flat Panel Displays

Of all the markets in the electronics industry today, flat panel display markets are one of the most exciting and they are constantly evolving.  Consumers today have very high standards for their electronic equipment and we at SCI Analytical work with your company to create and build products that far exceed their expectations. With our experience delivering specialty gases, industrial gases, and sputtering targets- we are able to help our customers provide sharp screen resolution and lightweight design and durability that consumers are looking for.

gas mixtures for flat panel tvs

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED light technology is an innovation that, compared to traditional lighting sources, allows us to create light sources that use less energy and last longer.  We have extensive experience in the LED and semiconductor fields and our line of specialty gases and industrial gases provide your company with the materials it needs to continue to innovate in those fields- creating LED products that are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more visually appealing.  We offer a full line of semiconductor process equipment, specialty and industrial gases, and gas delivery systems.  We tailor our products to your needs and provide reliable, accurate, and efficient delivery of your gases.

gas mixtures for light emitting devices


SCI Analytical understands that semiconductors are the basis of modern day electronics.  We have years of experience providing specialty gases, industrial gases, materials and delivery systems for the semiconductor industry.  We will work to provide your company with the materials you need to compete in this cutting edge industry.  Our products meet the stringent standards of the industry for quality, control, safety, reliability, and performance.

semiconductor gas mixtures