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plasma desmearing gas mixtures

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SCI provides plasma desmearing gas mixtures for circuit boards

Plasma Desmearing is used in the production of circuit boards. During drilling, the drill bits become heated which results in the melting and smearing of the base material of the board. Plasma desmearing is a process that resolves the smear and prevents the circuit from being defective. Plasma desmearing gas mixtures are a combination of Halocarbon-14 and Oxygen. SCI Analytical provides 2 combinations: 20% Halocarbon-14 in Oxygen and 30% Halocarbon-14 in Oxygen.


Plasma Desmearing Gas Mixtures / Chemical Composition

20% Halocarbon-14 in Oxygen
30% Halocarbon-14 in Oxygen

* Custom mixtures available upon request