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electron capture gas mixtures

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SCI delivers premium quality electron capture gas mixtures

Electron Capture is a technique that utilizes electron capture gas mixtures to analyze and identify components of a compound.  It can also be used to test the purity of a substance.  These techniques are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, forensic, and environmental industries.  Electron Capture Detectors work by having molecules pass by a detector, some of the electrons in the molecule are captured, this reduces is the measurable current and those reductions in current are measured with positive peaks.  For this process, carrier gases or electron capture gases are used, they must have low oxygen and water contaminants, as those compounds can have an effect on the results of the test.  When performing these highly sensitive tests, it is essential to have precise electron capture gas mixtures.  SCI Analytical provides very specific electron capture mixtures that have only trace levels of the contaminants.

Electron Capture Gas Mixtures / Chemical Composition

8.5% Hydrogen In Helium
5% Methane In Argon

* Custom mixtures available upon request