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instrumentation gas mixtures

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SCI provides all types of specialty gas for numerous industries and instruments.

Electron Capture
Flame Ionization
Leak Detection
Nuclear Counter
Spark Chamber

SCI Analytical offers high purity instrumentation gas mixtures that allow instruments to be calibrated for absolute precision. Many laboratory tests require instrumentation mixtures for calibration. Examples include monitoring pollution levels in the air, water or soil; and control processes. There is a multitude of processes and analytics that rely on precise calibration and SCI strives to provide the highest purity instrumentation gases and instrumentation mixtures. As technology progresses, so will the analytical equipment and the ability for more and more precise testing. Our instrumentation gases will follow suit. Our dedication to precision and service will ensure the optimum performance of your laboratory equipment.

SCI Analytical has a wide range of special application mixtures available. These are gas combinations created for specific applications. Available application mixtures include:instrumentation mixtures such as: electron capture mixtures, flame ionization mixtures, nuclear counter mixtures, leak detection mixtures, and spark chamber mixtures. In addition to the instrumentation mixtures, SCI Analytical also offers a variety of laser mixtures such as: flow thru mixtures, Helium-Neon mixtures, and Excimer Laser mixtures.