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SCI will assist you in getting the correct regulator for your gas neeeds


Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators are valves that automatically stop the flow of gases once a certain pressure is reached.  Pressure regulators are often used to allow tanks or high-pressure supply lines to be reduced to safe, usable pressure in various applications.  Pressure regulators for gases regulate pressure, but are not able to measure flow.  The primary function of a pressure regulator is to maintain a flow of gas from the regulator that is equal to the demand of the system it is supplying.  SCI Analytical provides a range of pressure regulators to fit any need.


Medical Regulators

Medical Regulators reduce the high pressure gases in cylinders to lower pressures that are more suitable for medical equipment and use.  SCI Analytical provides a variety of medical regulators for your medical gas equipment. We ensure the quality and accuracy of our medical regulators by inspecting frequently for safety and performance.  Some applications for use of medical regulators include: Emergency Medical, Pediatric, Suction Medical Gas, and Oxygen Delivery.  Medical regulators are essential in providing medical gases at pressures that are suitable for use.  SCI Analytical offers a wide selection of medical regulators that are used by hospitals, emergency medical services, and other medical applications.