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leak detection gas mixtures

SCI takes pride in having the fastest lead time in the industry

SCI delivers leak detection gas mixtures for use with detection equipment

Leak Detection Mixtures are gases used in leak testing for fuel tanks, automotive compressors, freezer compressors, refrigerator compressors, fire extinguishers, and more.  Leak detection mixtures are combinations of gases that possess properties that make them ideal for each type of testing.  Nitrogen is the most commonly used gas for leak detection.  SCI Analytical offers two types of leak detection mixtures.  One is Nitrogen and the other is Halocarbon-12 in Nitrogen.

Leak Detection Gas Mixtures / Chemical Composition

0.5% - 10% Helium in Nitrogen
0.5% - 2% Halocarbon 12 in Nitrogen

* Custom mixtures available upon request.