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70-FMV Flow Matching Regulator


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Product Description

Part Number70-FMV
Valve InletC-10
Fits Cylinder103L, 74L, 58L, 34L
Flow RateFlow Matching
Gauge PSIN/A

Disposable Cylinders

10 L160 PSIMost Reactive, All Non-Reactive9.4" x 2.9"Aluminum Alloy5 oz.
17 L240 PSINon-Reactive10.75" x 2.9"Steel1 lb.
34 LS500 PSINon-Reactive10.75" x 2.9"Steel1 lb.8 oz.
34 L500 PSIAll Reactive Mixtures10.64" x 3.125"Aluminum Alloy1 lb. 14.9 oz.
58 L500 PSIAll Reactive Mixtures14.25" x 3.5"Aluminum Alloy1 lb. 12oz.
74 L500 PSIAll Reactive Mixtures14.25" x 4.25"Aluminum Alloy2 lbs. 5 oz.
103 L1000 PSINon-Reactive13.6" x 3.3"Steel3 lbs.
116 L1000 PSIAll Reactive Mixtures14.25" x 3.53"Aluminum Alloy2 lbs. 2oz.
221 L250 PSINon-Reactive16.25" x 9"Steel6.3 lbs.
552 L2200 PSINon-Reactive20.75" x 4.5"Steel11 lbs.

Refillable Cylinders

44 ES825 PSIReactive / Non Reactive9.8" x 2.9"Aluminum Alloy1.7 lbs.
58 ES1000 PSIReactive / Non Reactive9.8" x 2.9"Aluminum Alloy1.7 lbs.
66 ES1200 PSIReactive / Non Reactive10.5" x 2.9"Aluminum Alloy1.7 lbs
116 ES1000 PSIReactive / Non Reactive14.3" x 3.5"Aluminum Alloy2 lbs
650 ES1650 PSIReactive / Non Reactive5.25" x 19.25"Aluminum Alloy15.8 lbs with valve


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  • Based on your location, ground service can take between 3 to 10 business days.
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