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Disposable gas cylinders are convenient because they are portable and lightweight. These disposable gas cylinders are small metal canisters or tanks and they contain pressurized gases. Some examples of gases available in disposable gas cylinders are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, and nitrous oxide. These cylinders are available in a variety of sizes to fit any application.

A wide variety of fields utilize disposable gas cylinders, for example, health care and medical industries, military applications, aviation, manufacturing, transportation, and the food and beverage industries.

For the health care and medical industries, portable disposable gas cylinders are necessary for a variety of procedures. They provide precision and reliability for many medical devices used in both surgery and medical procedures. Many drug delivery systems require the use of a portable gas cylinder. In veterinary medicine, disposable gas cylinders are used in anesthetic devices.  They utilize CO2 cartridges to administer controlled, precise doses of medicine for sedation of animals in a humane manner. Research facilities use portable gas cylinders in many applications such as gas chromatography.disposable_calibration_gas_

The military uses CO2 cartridges for weapons training. The CO2 cartridges are used as a propellant in guns. The police and military use these soft air guns in training exercises. This is the same technology used in paintball guns and other sporting weapons. These same cartridges can also be used in non-pyrotechnic devices and special effects cannons.

In the food and beverage industry, disposable gas cylinders are used for applications such as delivery of whipped toppings, such as whipped cream. Cartridges containing either CO2 or nitrous oxide (N2O) are used as a propellant for the whipped cream.  Another common use is in soda water. The N2O cartridges are used in the soda siphon to provide the carbonation in dispensing. When dispensing beer from kegs, carbon dioxide cartridges are used. These can also be used to prevent sparkling wines or champagne from spoiling. Argon gas can also be used to keep older, less robust wines fresh.

In marine and aviation industries, disposable gas cylinders are vital for inflating rescue equipment like life rafts, personal flotation devices, and life jackets. These are inflated with the use of portable CO2 gas cylinders. Due to the standards of production of these disposable gas cylinders, users are assured of a precise and accurate inflation with each use. In the transportation industry, these same portable gas cylinders are used to inflate airbags and for tire inflation. Many emergency kits contain a canister used to inflate a flat tire.

Disposable gas cylinders are designed for effective, accurate dispensing as well as ease and safety of use.

Many disposable gas cylinders are also used in calibration of equipment. For calibration applications, reliable, portable cylinders are required for transport in the field sometimes in remote or hard to access places. Some industries that utilize portable calibration gases include laboratories, energy companies, universities, and petrochemical plants.

Many of these applications require small, disposable calibration gas cylinders. This is especially true in instances where very low volumes of calibration gases are called for. In health and safety calibrations, industrial hygiene, and calibrating laboratory equipment very small volumes of these gases are required and that makes disposable calibration gas cylinders vital to their operation. The same NIST standard calibration gases that are used in the larger refillable cylinders are available in smaller, portable, disposable gas cylinders. Gas chromatography labs are a prime example of an application where these cylinders are vital. Regulators are also able to be attached to these cylinders.

SCI Analytical provides high quality, disposable gas cylinders made to your specifications.  Whether you require portable cylinders for calibration, regulation, or other applications, you can be assured that your disposable gas cylinders deliver accurate, reliable results.

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